5 Tips For A Successful (And Fun) Headshot Shoot

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1). Get rest the night before! You don’t want to show up with red eyes and bags that look like you just got off a trip on the Orient Express! No amount of Visine will fix that. Get a good 8 hours and show up refreshed and ready to go!

2). Bring many different clothing options and colors – Be prepared! Don’t arrive with a few shirts that are all the same style and color, mix it up! Choose bold and muted colors alike. Stay away from loud patterns or oversized bulky clothing. The point of a multi look headshot shoot is to show case your many sides and versatility. The more versatile you can appear, the more parts you can go out for, translating into more money for YOU!

3). Consider hiring a professional makeup and hair team. This will take the pressure off of you and allow you just sit back, relax and enjoy your shoot while the Pros take over and get you looking (and feeling) your best.

4). Move. Smile. Stare and Glare! Don’t be afraid to get into character. Have fun with it. The more you move you body and eyes, the better. We will then have so many options to choose from.

5). Be positive! Smile, laugh and have fun. This is going to be your calling card. Make it a WINNER!

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